2019 Holds Challenges and Opportunities

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Planned Parenthood moved their Maryvale clinic to 75th Avenue & McDowell, just 5 miles from our McDowell clinic.


At Life Choices Women’s Clinics we have the challenge of competing for patients with this clinic that is supported by Title X federal tax dollars. This is a challenge that we are ready to take on. The defunding of Planned Parenthood of federal tax dollars is a long-term goal, but in the meantime we are making plans to increase our availability and services to provide pro-life healthcare to even more patients who might otherwise go to Planned Parenthood.

First, we have added another team member to answer phones and work at the McDowell clinic.

Second – we have increased office hours and services at the McDowell clinic.

Third – The inside of the McDowell clinic was remodeled last year. Now we need to make improvements to make the office more visually welcoming. A new sign will be arriving soon at our McDowell office.  The fence that looks unwelcoming will be removed in January. We will also be adding stucco and repaving the parking lot. 

Opportunities to help:

We are asking for Prayer Partners to pray for this clinic, our staff, and our patients. Please send us an email to sign up as a Prayer Partner and the day and time you can set aside to pray for our mission.

Please prayerfully consider making a tax deductible donation to support us in our efforts. You can help us to deliver strong pro-life healthcare and advocate for quality healthcare that will equip patients to take responsibility for their health, promote sexual integrity, and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.



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