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Unexpected Miracles

On June 3rd, McKenna took a pregnancy test that she ordered from DoorDash. In shock after seeing a positive result, she called Planned Parenthood. When an employee from Planned Parenthood asked if she was planning on terminating the pregnancy, McKenna knew that Planned Parenthood was not going to be able to offer her the care she desired.

She saw Life Choices Women’s Clinic on Google. She called and walked in for a pregnancy test. Christy Schubert, RDMA, worked her into the busy schedule and confirmed through an ultrasound that she was pregnant. Baby Elli measured 6 weeks and 6 days, with a due date of January 22, 2021. McKenna knew she could never abort her child and Christy reassured her that she had made the right decision.

“I just wanted to tell you how big of an impact you have had on me and my pregnancy! I’m not sure I would’ve reacted the same had it been someone else to tell me the news and do the ultrasound on that day.”

– McKenna

McKenna told Eric the news of her pregnancy when she got home, and they talked for hours. She told Eric that she was going to carry-to-term and that he could sign his rights away, be with her, or they could co-parent. McKenna was sure that she was going to do whatever it took to provide the life this baby deserved. After talking to Eric, McKenna called her mother and told her that she was pregnant. Her mother asked, “What are we going to do about it?” McKenna responded “I am going to keep my baby” as McKenna recalled a story about a friend of her mother who had an abortion.

Even as a child, McKenna knew abortion was wrong.

McKenna, Eric, and Baby Elli!
Smiley Baby Elli

Eric attended McKenna’s second ultrasound appointment. After seeing the baby he decided to step up and be the Daddy this baby needed. Both families have been supportive of McKenna and Eric’s decision. They are all in love with Baby Elli, she has brought so much joy and love into their lives. McKenna and Eric are so thankful they crossed paths with Life Choices Women’s Clinic. Especially Christy Schubert, who reassured McKenna that continuing the pregnancy was the right decision despite all the unknown circumstances she was facing.

McKenna chose life for baby Elli despite the unknown. In the end, everything worked out the way God intended. God works in mysterious ways and we have learned that some of the best things in life are unplanned. Life Choices Women’s Clinic was there to support their courageous decision to carry-to-term because of supporters like you. McKenna’s story is a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Director’s Note

We are very grateful to be in new 7th Street Clinic all thanks to YOU! The office sign and 7th street frontage provides great visibility. The more professional setting instills confidence in our patients towards the clinic.

We have started Phase 2 of our 7th Street Clinic. The addition will have multifunction rooms including Grace Chapel, a client classroom, and conference room. We plan to utilize this space for education and mentoring of our pregnant clients to help them build a strong foundation for their families.

If you would like to schedule an in-person or virtual tour please email us at


A Pro-Life career is waiting for you!

Part–time & full-time positions are available in our two Phoenix Women’s Clinic locations and on the Hope Mobile Clinic. Successful candidates will be Pro-Life; respecting the sanctity of human life, and advancing the mission and vision of Life Choices Women’s Clinics. Life Choices will provide training on specific job functions. Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus. Students Accepted!


will be responsible for answering phones, greeting arriving patients, assuring paperwork is complete, obtaining proper specimens, running pregnancy tests, reporting pregnancy test results, offering peer counseling, scheduling appointments, and entering patient data into EMR. Receptionist will also assist the RN’s, MA’s and Nurse Practitioner as needed including chaperoning exams.

Medical Assistant

will be responsible for patient triage, blood draws, and patient education. General administrative duties include EMR, answering phones, scheduling, and inventory control. Phlebotomy experience and certified medical assistant preferred, OB/GYN & EMR experience a plus.

Registered Nurse

will be responsible for providing medical services under the supervision of the Medical Director. Responsibilities include ultrasound exams, patient education, and will ensure excellent clinical standards of care and oversight of medical practices. RNs will be provided with training to perform ultrasounds. RNs must have a current Arizona nursing license.

Qualified candidates may apply by sending a cover letter and current resume by e-mail to: or by fax to: 602.870.7697