Cheers, To a New Year full of Achievements

Year End Statistics

Your continuous support to our clinics have helped provide pro-life healthcare to 6,961 women in the last year. As well as our new program, Defending Life… Educating the Next Generation we have reached over 1,300 students so far this year, educating students that an unborn child is not just a clump of cells. All this has been possible because of your generosity.

We are working to create a community of pro-life providers!

Pro-life OB’s are in high demand in Phoenix. Last year, Life Choices Women’s Clinics provided 1,812 positive pregnancy tests and many of these patients turned to us for help finding obstetric care. Other Pregnancy Resource Centers will also be able to take advantage of these OB services, unifying our collective efforts to provide pro-life healthcare for patients.

Because we see so many women suffering with depression and substance abuse we will also add a mental health component to this care. We are currently incorporating and will be able to start adding staff by year-end.

We are seeking:

  • 2 OB/GYNs
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Mental Healthcare Provider

We are also building a Board of Directors of medical professionals, medical administrators, and community leaders.

We at Life Choices Women’s Clinic are so excited to share with you our various opportunities for furthering education for teenagers and college students, as well as events that they can actively participate in to fight for the pro-life movement. We empower teens to not only value the unborn, but fight for them

LCWC is also dedicated to help youth ministers and teachers have the resources they need to teach the pro-life message to their students. We host a couple events a year to train and update them on the movement.

Hope Retreat registration is now open! visit for more information.

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