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Sponsor or underwrite an event

Advertise your business by financially sponsoring one of our upcoming events. Your support will show your corporate commitment to giving back to the Maricopa County community while also positively changing lives. Become a sponsor today and participate in tomorrow’s future.

Contribute In-Kind Services

Every in-kind service allows us to redirect funds towards other expenses. From grant writing to pest control, there is a need for every service. Contact Life Choices Women’s Clinics today.

Donate or Raise Funds

Life Choices Women’s Clinic depends on generous financial support from our community. By giving a one- time donation or setting up a recurring gift, your business can bring life to our area. Your organization can also raise funds by launching a Baby Bottle Campaign. These tax-deductible gifts will contribute to changing lives within our community. Contact Life today to begin your financial contribution.

Stand with Life Choices Women’s Clinic

Stand up for the value of life in Maricopa County. The support from local businesses and community leaders is vital to Life’s mission. When you stand with Life Choices Women’s Clinic, you promote us as a positive presence in our community.


Many companies encourage their employees to give back to their communities by providing a matching gift program. Increase the impact of your personal contribution. If your company has a matching gift program, complete a gift matching form and return it to Life with your personal contribution.

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