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Life Choices Women’s Clinic and the Hope Mobile Clinic host several Community, Educational, and Fundraising Events.

Below is a summary of these events, or you can click on the event name above to see detailed information about this event.

Fervent Prayers

Learn about Mayra’s 17 year experience at Planned Parenthood and how prayers made an impact in Mayra’s walk.  Father Kline led his Paris in prayer vigils at the abortion clinic where Mayra worked.  Hew as the first priest to welcome her when she left the abortion industry.
A fundraising  webinar event was held on April 17, 2020.

A replay of this special event is available!

Diaper Drive

(Spring into Action)

During the Spring/Summer months we collect donations for our mothers and babies to help them with basic items like diapers, formula, clothing, and other baby items. 
If you would like to host a Diaper Drive, please give Sheila a call at 602.305.5100


Laugh4Hope is an annual family-friendly comedy night that brings hope to the community through laughter.
Find out more about this annual comedy night benefiting Life Choices and the Hope Mobile Clinic here:

Night for Life

Night for Life events bring pro-life advocates together for an evening of socializing, supporting and informing.
Due to COVID-19 Precautions, a Night for Life event was not been planned for 2021.

Open House

An Annual Open House is hosted in the 7th Street Clinic.  Tours of the clinic and Hope Mobile are offered, along with information about the life-affirming services we provide to women and babies.
An Open House was held on November 9, 2021 to show off our newly remodeled 7th Street Clinic.

Defending Life…Educating the Next Generation

Our youth are the next generation to be on the forefront of supporting human rights and defending life at all stages.
We offer events to educate our youth on pro-life topics, to feel confident when speaking to others about life issues, and to build relationships with other supporters to continue to advance the pro-life movement.
A Youth Minister Staycation was held in August of 2021 to offer this education, networking, and support.

For more information on this program: click this page link: Education