Bilingual Front Desk Manager

We employ Bilingual English/Spanish Front Desk Managers in part– and full-time positions for our Phoenix Clinic locations.  Front Desk Manager will be responsible for managing the Clinic front office patient intake and check-out. Front Desk Manager will manage the front desk area to assure patient contact is conducted in a professional, timely manner, and assure Front Office/Reception Staff coverage is optimized. Front Desk Manager will also perform Front Office/Reception Staff responsibilities include aiding in all tasks of the clinic which include: answering phones; greeting arriving patients; assuring paper work is complete; obtaining proper specimens; running pregnancy tests; reporting pregnancy test results; offering peer counseling; scheduling appointments; and entering patient data into the computer.  Front Desk Manager will assist management staff including Executive, Finance, and Medical Director and Nurse Manager as requested. Front Desk Manager will also be available to assist NP’s, RN’s, MA’s, and Nurse Manager as needed including chaperoning exams. Additional responsibilities include filing, inventory control, and maintaining tidy and professional looking patient access areas.  

Requirements: Bilingual English/Spanish Front Desk Manager has knowledge and experience in front office support in a fast-paced medical clinic. Front Desk Manager is a team players who is positive and outgoing, with a professional manner, honest character and can work at a fast pace while maintaining accuracy. Front Desk Manager possesses excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as possessing organizational and standard computer skills. Front Desk Manager is committed to the sanctity of human life, expresses a commitment to the clinic’s life-affirming mission, and has a desire to serve women in crisis.

To apply, e-mail a cover letter and resume to [email protected]