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Our Mission is to ignite a flame in the hearts of the next generation for defending the unborn. To incite this passion, we must educate teens on God’s plan for them. The pro-abortion culture promises pleasure that will quickly fade away, while God promises a life of happiness that comes from the pursuit of virtue. Life Education Arizona empowers our youth with the knowledge and tools they will need to defend the life of the unborn.

We are proud to offer educational programs to equip the next generation with the information and tools they need to not only navigate this pro-abortion culture, but evangelize to it. Teens will learn how to defend their pro-life stance and offer practical assistance to peers, to other pro-life supporters in their communities, and particularly to mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Students learn from medical professionals, teachers, post-abortive mothers, and fellow peers in this two-day, in-depth program.  Students also get a chance to tour our Hope Mobile Clinic, ask questions, and hear and see a live ultrasound scan.

Where are teens currently learning about abortion? A parent is not involved in a teen’s abortion decision approximately 40% of the time. Did you know that abortion clinics in Arizona have helped girls as young as 11 years old obtain an abortion without a parent’s consent? Companies like Plan C provide teens with access to abortion pills without even a positive pregnancy test or prescription. Your child may be referred to an abortion clinic by a friend or school worker without understanding the emotional and physical consequences and risks associated with an abortion. In a world where social media contributes so much to a teen’s perspective and understanding on sex and abortion, proper education is vital to make the decision for life.

This life-saving and culture changing program has the power to help end abortion!

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