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AZ Charitable Tax Credit donations made from January-December 2021 may be claimed for the 2021 tax year.  Donations made before the April 15th, 2021 tax filing deadline may be applied to either the 2021 tax year or claimed for the previous tax year 2020.

What is the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit?

Formerly called the Working Poor Tax Credit, The Charitable Tax Credit is available to anyone who files an Arizona Tax Return. To receive the tax credit, you must make a donation to a qualified charitable organization, and Life Choices Women’s Clinics is one of them. You may receive a tax credit up to $400 if filing as single or $800 for married couples. Amounts lower than $400/$800 also qualify. This is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. You do not need to itemize to take advantage of this credit. This is in addition to the school tax credit, so you can do both!

For questions, please call 602-305-5100.

For Example:

John and Mary’s total Arizona tax liability was $2500. They had $3,500 taxes withheld for a refund of $1,000. After making an $800 donation to Life Choices Women’s Clinics, their state refund is now $1,800.

Sue’s Arizona tax liability was $1500. Sue had $1100 taxes withheld and owes $400. After making a $400 donation to Life Choices Women’s Clinics, Sue does not owe anything to the state.


Number 1

Make a donation to Life Choices Women’s Clinics

Number 2

File your taxes and claim the credit by using AZDOR Form 321.  Use our assigned QCO Code 20439.

Number 3

Receive the Tax Credit
(Up to $400 filing single and Up to $800 filing joint)


Feel GREAT about helping mothers and saving families.