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We are currently looking for qualified pro-life candidates for the following OPEN positions.

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Life Education Coordinator

We are currently looking to hire a Pro-Life Education Coordinator to change current society culture to one of life, by educating people about the pro-life movement. Successful candidate will have a minimum of 5 years in Youth Ministry or equivalent, excellent communication skills, experience in training and community outreach, and event planning skills. Responsibilities include developing curriculum, organizing events, recruiting and training Life Educators, Youth Ministers, and Pro-Life Volunteers, and conducting life education activities in our community. The Life Education Coordinator will work with Life Educator staff and community expert speakers to provide information and leadership skills to promote a culture of life. This is a hybrid remote position, and will start as part-time and work up to full-time.

See the Pro-Life Education website for more information on this special Program of Life Choices Women’s Clinic:

Community Outreach

We are currently recruiting a part- or full-time Community Outreach Advocate (COA). Successful candidate will have excellent communication skills. Experience in community outreach in a professional or volunteer setting is preferred. Responsibilities include: building and maintaining donor relationships, creating a positive and respectful reputation for the organization within the public and private sectors, planning and organizing fundraising activities and participation in community events, identifying an engaging potential donors and organizations, and serving as a grants administrator. The COA will work with the Director and in some cases, the Board of Directors.

Human Resources Assistant

We are currently recruiting a part-time Human Resources Assistant. Successful candidate will have excellent communication and computer skills. Experience in human resources is preferred. Responsibilities include: maintaining personnel records, updating compliance and certification records, working with a 3rd Party company for payroll and payroll tax reporting, updating job descriptions, advertising open positions, recruitment of valuable staff, interviewing candidates, checking education and work references, and onboard new staff members.  The Human Resource Assistant will also be involved in orientation and training of new staff on basic office functions.

Medical Practitioners

We are currently recruiting part-time, full-time, and volunteer Medical Practitioners, including:

  • MD / OB-GYN
  • DO
  • CNM
  • NP
  • RN
  • MA

Successful candidates will have excellent communication and computer skills. Certification and current licensure is required, and experience in medical service is preferred. Responsibilities include: working with our existing staff to provide medical care, counseling, and education to our clients in our 3 medical clinic locations that offer a wide variety of medical services related to pregnancy and other areas of women’s health. Medical Staff may also provide back-up support to other medical staff as needed.

Use the CAREERS drop-down at the top of this page for specific information on individual job descriptions.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of volunteers to help us with Program, Fundraising and Management support tasks. If you are looking for a way to offer part-time help on a volunteer basis, we would be very appreciative of your assistance! You can offer support in our Clinics or you can work from home. Just let us know your area of interest and we can set up tasks and a frequency to fit your schedule. (task responsibilities and instruction will be provided)

  • Maintenance
  • Hope Mobile Drivers
  • Medical Staff

Contract Services (paid)

We are currently looking for an Internet Technologies (I.T.) individual or organization that can assist us in upgrading our computer network within the Microsoft 365 environment. If you are interested in working with us on this project, please send an email to Mary @ [email protected], and she will give you a call back to discuss the details.

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To apply for a position, please send your Cover Letter and Resume:

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