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Survivor… an Abortion Pill Rescue story

The following is a true story, but details have been withheld to protect family privacy.

     When I first met her, she just couldn’t see her way to care for another child and deal with the complications of this pregnancy. She understood abortion was wrong, but felt like she had no other choice. She    arrived at Planned Parenthood for her abortion pill  appointment and when one of our staff members caught her attention she walked over to the Hope   Mobile Clinic. I was hopeful she would accept our help and save the baby’s life after seeing the 8-week baby on the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. She felt the intense pressure to get rid of this pregnancy but the ultrasound image of her baby would stay on her mind. She left the Hope Mobile Clinic still feeling unsure and she made the decision to keep her appointment at Planned Parenthood and end the pregnancy with the abortion pill. She left Planned Parenthood feeling more conflicted than ever.
After a difficult night, knowing her baby was dying inside her, she remembered the Abortion Pill Reversal pamphlet she had received on the Hope Mobile Clinic and called the APR Hotline nurse. Debby helped her get started on progesterone, and referred her back to our clinic to continue her care. The progesterone had side effects, causing her tiredness and nausea.

The next thirty weeks were very difficult with physical safety and family security put at    jeopardy all due to the pregnancy.  On the day of this child’s birth, her mother felt the value of her baby’s worth and that it outweighed all the difficult circumstances. Life didn’t magically get easier, but there was a little more love to fill a hurting family.  Difficulties  didn’t subside, but the difference was that she was not alone…she had support from Life Choices Women’s Clinics.

Sheila Riely

Taking Our Message to the Streets!

Many women experience the emotion of regret almost instantly after taking the abortion pill. Our desire is to provide hope & life to women who have started the abortion process and desire to reverse the effects. 
To spread the message of hope, LCWC will be using our thrift store truck with an APR banner providing abortion reversal options.
Do you have a busy traffic area site where we can park the truck for a couple of days?
If so, please contact Sheila at 602.305.5100

In 2018 Life Choices Women’s Clinics provided…

                                                               6,509 office visists                                                                          704 STD & HIV Tests

                                                             1,823 Ultrasounds                                                                         2,006 Medical Services

                                                           4,187 Pregnancy Tests                                                                 Direct Assistance to 182 Clients

                                                                                    As I have loved you, so you also should love another.  John 13:34

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