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Defending Life…Educating the Next Generation

We are proud to be a part of this education program that provides students with knowledge about abortion and teaches teens how to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Students learn from medical professionals, teachers, post abortive mothers, and fellow peers in this two day In-depth curriculum that encourages dialogue and helps students better understand the abortion issue. Students get a chance to tour the mobile clinic, ask questions and hear and see an ultrasound scan. This is a life-saving and culture changing class that has the power to help end abortion.

Who is educating your teen about abortion? Did you know abortion clinics have helped girls in Arizona as young as 13 years old obtain an abortion without a parents permission? Approximately 40% of the time a parent is not involved in a teen’s abortion decision. Your child may be referred to an abortion clinic by a friend or school worker without understanding the emotional and physical consequences and risks. Education is key to helping empower young mothers to make the decision for life.