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The volunteer commitment at Life Choices Women’s Clinics can easily work with a college student’s class schedule because we have both morning and afternoon shifts. Plus students can receive credit for service hours and letters of recommendation for serving. Serving the community while a college student always looks good to future employers!


College-aged women seek abortions more than any other age. We want women to come to our Pregnancy Clinic first so they can hear about all their options, have an ultrasound, and receive the love of Christ. The number one way women find themselves at one of our clinics is though a friend or family referral! So talk about us! Let women on campus know there is a safe place to come when they think they may be pregnant. There are also opportunities for student groups to hold baby bottle campaigns, collect items for our assistance program, Baby Boutique, and serve the clinic though special projects.

Pro-Life Missionary

Pro-Life Missionaries will spread the Pro-Life message by providing care to the women, men, and children who enter Life Choices Women’s Clinics and the HOPE Mobile Clinic, as well as assist LCWC in organization, fundraising, and other projects to support the pro-life movement.  Although this missionary work is medically based, we are looking for anyone with a passion for the Pro-Life movement.

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