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To show our appreciation to Catholic Youth Ministers, Life Choices Women’s Clinic is hosting our Youth Minister Staycation! We have a hunger to further God’s kingdom by providing tools to our Youth Ministers on topics such as Abstinence, Cohabitation, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Abortion, Birth Control, and Pornography. Special guest will be Mayra Rodriguez, former Planned Parenthood Director, who will be sharing Inside Planned Parenthood.

This is a FREE event that includes meals and stay at The Arizona Grand Resort & Oasis Waterpark.

Our desire is for our Youth Ministers to leave this event feeling confident and prepared to speak on these difficult topics our youth face in today’s society. We will be hosting presentations during meal time and providing plenty of time for waterpark fun!

August 9-10, 2021

Arizona Grand Resort & the Oasis Waterpark

8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy. Phoenix, AZ 85044

Youth Ministers are welcomed to bring 1 guest** with whom you will be sharing a room. Guests have the option to book an additional stay at group rate 3 days prior and post event. Please note in additional comments if you would like more information.

Kindly submit your registration by July 2, 2021

**This is a Catholic event and we respectfully ask that guests follow the moral code of conduct. Singles are welcome to bring a Core Team Member of the same gender. Married Ministers are welcome to bring their Spouse & Children. Meals/discussions are for Youth Ministers & Core Team Members only.

“Educating our young people about their role in defending life is crucial for our existence.  If the next generation of young people do not understand that every life is sacred then we have failed them and God. I have great hope that God has plans for our future and it is filled with the hope that I see in our young people.  The program “Defending Life…Educating the Next Generation” really helped our teens see the reality of adoration and the role they play in promoting a culture of life.”

Father Don Kline



Waterpark wristbands will start to be distributed at 10:30am for those who would like more fun in the sun!

3PM- Welcome- Birth Control Workshop with light meal

4PM- Check-in to rooms at the AZ Grand Resort

Waterpark time

6PM- Abortion Panel

7PM- Dinner at Rustler’s Rooste- STD Workshop

9:30PM- Poolside- Inside Planned Parenthood


8AM- Breakfast- Abstinence/ Cohabitation Workshop

Waterpark time

11AM- Check-out of rooms at the AZ Grand Resort

12PM- Lunch- Pornography Workshop

1PM- Closing Mass & Prayer

Guests are welcomed to use waterpark wristbands until 8PM

Arizona Grand Resort

Rustler’s Rooste