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In uncertain times

lend a hand,

know who to look to,

and who to cling to.

God became man

so we would

know who to look to

and who to cling to.

What a blessing it is to witness the bond that began at conception for these twins. They comfort one another, hand in hand, as they encounter a world full of new adventures.

At the age of 12, Francine was separated from her mother and 10 siblings during the Burundian civil war. She made her way to a refugee camp where she found her mother and some of her sisters. From the refugee camp she was sent to the United States. After leaving an abusive husband with her four children she made her way to Arizona.

Overwhelmed when she learned she was pregnant again she sought an abortion. On her way into Planned Parenthood she met Lynn, a sidewalk counselor, who brought her to Life Choices Women’s Clinic. The ultrasound revealed she was carrying twins. Francine saw her precious babies and knew that abortion would not be the solution to her problems. You, our donors, were the solution this family needed.

Twice the love. Twice the miracle.

Your prayers and support allowed us to help 3,952 during the many crisis of 2020. We serve many mothers who have endured much hardship in their lives. Please consider making a donation in honor of our Savior’s birth. We offer pro-life healthcare to each mother as if she were carrying the Christ child.


We are building so babies like Gracie can have the opportunity to grow.

Construction has completed at our new office! It has been a long wait, but we moved into the new 7th Street clinic on December 14, 2020. Click on Photos below to see the transformation of the Shutter Shaque building into the state-of-the-art Phoenix Women’s Clinic!

Gracie reviewing the new 7th Street Clinic blueprints