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We have built so babies like Gracie can have the opportunity to grow.

Life Choices Women’s clinic has created a state-of-the-art clinic to serve women in our community that need our help and hope.

Our 7th Street Location serves as a medical clinic and houses the corporate offices of Life Choices Women’s Clinic and the Hope Mobile clinic.

Scroll down to see a history of our remodel and build of this new clinic location.


A generous donor purchased the furniture and décor to update our Counseling Rooms to create a peaceful and comforting environment for our clients & staff.

Counseling Room A
Counseling Room B
Counseling Room C

The Baby Boutique has a wonderful selection of items for our Moms.


Our beautiful Grace Chapel in the making!
Staff Kitchen is taking shape!
Outside of Phase 2 is ready for paint!
Concrete is being poured for Phase II!
The walls are being built!

Window decals are being installed on the front of the building!



Our new Sign!
One of Three Counseling Rooms!
Entry Hall
One of Two Exam Rooms!
Ultrasound Room!
Gracie checking out her desk!
Gracie EXCITED about move-in day!
Gracie says goodbye to the old Sign!

Scroll down to see pictures of our construction activities!

Ultrasound Room
Reception Lobby

IT work

Finishing touches ~

Gracie helping out with the cabinets!
Gracie cleaning up for opening day!
Gracie directing the City Inspector!

The counters are installed! We love the sparkle.

Back office triage area!
Counter sneak peak!
One of two restrooms!

The doors are installed

Gracie cannot wait for the doors to OPEN!
The doors are installed!
Joseph, Gracie and Jeff in one of the counseling rooms!
Gracie’s shadow in one of the exam rooms.
Someone is excited for the new clinic to open… WE ARE!

Getting Closer to a Clinic

Foreman Joseph, Contractor Jeff and Sheila check out the new room space.
The new Front Door will welcome women to life-affirming healthcare.
Flooring is going down and looks amazing.
Lobby Flooring is almost completed

Work is really progressing

Reception Area cabinet install

Walls are up and Primed

Gracie strolls the hallway with Sheila
Gracie checking out the cleanup needed
Gracie keeps the project on track

Remodel Updates

New Doors are being installed
Spray Foam Installation completed and drywall Install in progress
New Exterior windows are being installed

Supporters check out our progress

Hugo provides Landscape Maintenance
Itzel Volunteers at the Clinic and helps with the Mom’s Room
Steve is our Resource for unexpected issues that always seem to arise

Picturing a new Life-Affirming vision

Former LCWC Nurse Practitioner Diane examines the Ultrasound Room
Hope Volunteer RN/Ultrasound Technician Peg calculates dating on the completion of the renovations
Foreman Gracie is now standing up! to make sure the renovations continue to move forward
LCWC Staff: Sherry (NP), Claudia (MA), Suri (MA), and Christy (RDMS) view the progress being made on our state of the art clinic
Maria and Evaristo are open to offering even more maintenance services to LCWC in the new clinic
Substitute Medical Assistant Evelyn reviews the preparation of the Exam Room

It’s no longer a “Dry Heat” … We have water!

New water lines were dug outside and pipes were installed to support the plumbing needs of the new clinic
Dario working inside the clinic to cut plumbing line trenches to add a sink to the Exam Room

Electricity is in the Air

Colonial Electric, LLC is on the job to get us powered up!
Ultrasound Technician Karen scopes out the electrical installations
Brandon, Nick & Danny of the Young Adult Leadership Board of the Knights of Columbus lead their way through the construction
Electrician Joseph working like lightning to get power installed throughout the building
Electricians install power outlets to the Reception Area
Electrical supplies stand at the ready
This “Open Air” roof access will soon become an air conditioner vent.
(Much more practical for Phoenix)
Jenny (former LCWC summer intern and Ultrasound Technician, and now RN) with her husband Dan check in to see the progress
Former Thrift Store Volunteer Loretta taking stock of the progress

Gracie welcomes our newest staff member

Gracie tours the new clinic with Claudia

Claudia Mosher, RMA is our newest staff Medical Assistant. She was born in Mexico and came to the USA at the age of 3. She has worked font office for many years and learned leadership skills. She completed her Medical Assistant certification at Phoenix College and has received certification as a Registered Medical Assistant. She has plans to enter a echocardiography program to advance her skills. Claudia is fluent in English and Spanish.

Supporter thoughts

Sidewalk Counselor Lynn commented “It may look like a jail now, but it will soon help us to free babies from abortion.”
Renee, Board of Directors President, and Hope Mobile driver, offers her support to drive the project to the finish line
Michael, “Mr. Hope” a Hope Mobile driver, and maintenance guru keeping Hope and the project running smoothly with his support
Foreman Gracie shows off the new space to our Board, Volunteers, Colleagues, and Supporters who work with us to advance our mission of promoting a culture of LIFE
Board Member Tony climbs in to the new clinic to check on our progress
Will, Tom & Chris are stepping in to offer their support of the renovation
Clinic Volunteer Sr. Sharon displays her “hole” support…or should I say “holy” support…for LCWC
Clinic Volunteer Therese said “I am excited to see the clinic growing, and look forward to continuing to perform my clinic support tasks in the new location.”
Rosie, Director of Voces por la Vida stopped in to see the new life transformation of the clinic building
Laurie, former LCWC staff nurse gets an elevated view of the progress

Remodel Continues

A new back door was created, and the old garage door is being blocked in
The squares mark where new windows will be created
Existing doors into exam room are filled in to assure client privacy
A counseling room takes shape with a new doorway frame

A new clinic continues to take shape

Let there be light! New windows are born in Sheila’s office
Plumbing is installed to support an exam room, clinic lab and client restroom
Workers drill out the openings for the new clinic windows
The ultrasound room sink is drilled out and prepared for plumbing

Future spaces

Foreman Gracie directs Sheila (Executive Director) to her new office
Armida, Natural Family Planning Counselor, planning the reception area layout.
Nurse Practitioner Hannah and Medical Assistant Yahaira examine the clinical spaces

LCWC Staff checking out the new 7th Street clinic spaces.

Christy, Ultrasound Sonographer, scans the new ultrasound room plumbing and electrical
Director of Finance, Mary, sums up the dimensions of her new office space
Medical Assistant Suri and Medical Director/Nurse Practitioner Sherry measuring the progress of an exam room

New Supplies and Views

Medical Assistant Cristina
views her new office area
Drywall supplies arrive!
Board Member Wes
views the changes taking place

We have walls!…well, almost

Construction of interior wall studs has begun, and is moving very quickly.

Construction Begins

Demolition for new plumbing

Clinic building Blessing

Fr. Dale Craig blesses the new clinic building