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Life Educator

We employ a Life Education Coordinator, and additional Life Educators for our Education, Leadership and Pro-Life Support programs. The Life Education Coordinator develops curriculum, organizes events, recruits and trains volunteers, teaches courses, and hosts Steadfast, a pro-life podcast. Life Educators assist the Coordinator and organize, manage, and conduct additional life education sessions.

  • Defending Life…Educating the Next Generation and Life Education program sessions prepare Jr. High students for High School, and High School students to be leaders.  Life Educators educate teens about puberty, sex, std’s, abortion, pornography, abstinence, and birth control.  All courses are consistent with the Catholic moral code.
  • Youth Minister Leadership programs work with youth leaders in both religious and secular organizations to provide educational programs, resources, and leadership, and prepare them to be future leaders to advance pro-life movement.
  • Community Pro-Life Support program provide educational training sessions and host volunteer service events to support the needs of local churches and pro-life organizations.

Requirements:  Life Education Coordinator requires minimum 5 years in Youth Ministry or equivalent.  Life Educators require a minimum of 1 year in Youth Ministry or equivalent.  Great written and verbal communication skills, organization, and event planning skills are needed.  Able to meet deadlines and work both independently and as part of a team.  Life Educators are committed to the sanctity of human life, express a commitment to the clinic’s life-affirming mission, have a desire to serve women in crisis, and provide a moral formation for youth.