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Dominique’s Story

Dominique discovered she was pregnant and called life Choices Women’s Clinics seeking information about abortion.  At the clinic, she met the nurse and received an ultrasound that changed everything.  She was offered words of encouragement and counseling from caring staff that gave her hope.  She left the clinic “excited and scared” putting her trust in God.  She now has a precious little boy named Elijah.


Adrienne’s Story

When I scheduled my appointment at the abortion clinic, I was struggling financially.  The pregnancy left me feeling alone and very sick.  Daycare was very expensive and I was already struggling.  I had no support or family in Arizona, and I felt abortion was the only option.  I prayed that God would take the pregnancy away.  I called life Choices Women’s Clinics looking for financial help with my abortion.  They offered me help instead to carry my pregnancy to full term.  It has not been easy, but Life Choices was there for me during a sad and difficult time.  They walked me through my options and helped me make a decision I could live with.  I realized that kids don’t ask to come into the world, or for their lives to be taken.  This baby was a part of me and I was now committed to helping my baby girl to live.  After giving birth I was tired and in awe.  It was all worth it.  Life Choices has continued to be there for me after my pregnancy.  I wanted to say thank you because your contribution helps a lot of families.

Celeste’s Story

I had found myself lost and without a way out.  We had just lost our apartment and all our belongings.  To me, the news of me expecting another child felt like I could not bring another child into this world.  This baby was going to be #5.  I called Life Choices to get information on abortion.  I made an appointment and when they did an ultrasound on me, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.  My husband and I found ourselves feeling guilty of even thinking about abortion when such a precious gift from God was forming inside me.  Life Choices changed my life, not only mine but also helped my family through the most difficult times.  They helped us to keep our family together, and prevented us from homelessness.  I was able to save up enough money to move into a place to call home.  My family and I have been blessed with so much and Life Choices has been a big part of that.  I am proud to say my blessings are my children, and I am the mother of 5 beautiful children.  My 5th blessing is called Isabella.

Briana’s Story

Briana was about to be homeless.  Desperate, she called LCWC to say she would be on the streets that evening.   Pregnant and no where to go, we were able to provide immediate shelter until she could apply for entrance into a maternity home. Briana was devastated with the news of her pregnancy.  She was trying to get her life together and not sure what to do.   Not being able to see past a struggling drug user, a friends father told her he would pay for her abortion at 11 weeks.  At 14 weeks Briana decided that abortion was not for her and made the decision to adopt. “The biggest blessing is having my sister adopt my daughter,” said Briana.  “I know she will have a great home.”  “Life Choices has given me an opportunity to keep moving forward with my life.  I especially enjoyed working with Sister Sharon. I had never met a religious sister before and she helped me a lot!  I hope to find a full time job after I have my baby and possibly go back to school to do something in the medical field like nursing.” Briana graduated from rehab and had a precious baby girl on Oct 8.

The grace to see beyond the homelessness and drugs gave way to hope that saved two lives, a mother who chose life and adoption and a sweet baby girl.  Both are moving forward into a future of grace.


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